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Art Cam Photography  (WWW.ARTCAMPHOTO.COM) 
by Richard S. Nesdale
is a full service studio offering high quality images available in your choice of color, black and white or Sepia tone as well as digital images for the web. Styles range form traditional to candid and photojournalism.

Note: All images are copyrighted property of Richard Nesdale and may not be used for any purpose without permission.

    Established in 1989, Art Cam Photography has experience in a wide variety of photographic areas including:

Wedding photography:
traditional and photojournalist styles.
Family portraits:
Children's portraits:
Pets and horses:
Business portraits:
Product shots:
Architectural photography:
Legal photography:
San Diego stock photos:
Asia Stock Photos:
Concert and performance stock:
Fashion and editorial:
Photos for the web:

    Art Cam Photography by Richard S. Nesdale serves communities throughout San Diego county including downtown San Diego, La Mesa, the SDSU college area, Del Cerro, Encinitas, Del Mar, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad and Oceanside.

    Richard S. Nesdale is a graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in Communication Arts and Social Sciences. He has been a professional photographer most of his working years.

    WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: After years of using Hasselblad film cameras (known as the Rolls Royce of cameras) Art Cam Photography by Richard S. Nesdale has made the switch to digital equipment.
    Using fast, light, high resolution cameras, Richard is able to capture as many as 600 clear, sharp and spontaneous images at every event. In this way the story is told,  and details, small and large are captured to be enjoyed for years to come.
    Richard  has photographed weddings (as well as Bar Mitzvahs, Confirmations, Baptisms, etc.) at most of the premier locations in beautiful San Diego County. These locations include but are not limited to the Hotel Del Coronado,The Grand Tradition, The Immaculatta at USD, Harbor Excursions, UCSD, Hornblower Yachts, The Catamaran, Marriot, Hyatt, Hilton, and Sheraton Hotels as well as in Balboa Park. Richard's familiarity with these places yield benefits in that he has favorite spots in each where the background and light is just right to capture highlights of your special day.
    What's more, taking pictures should be fun. Richard works quickly, politely and unobtrusively to capture images that are sometimes formal, other times candid while always being respectful of the limited time available on your special day.

    FAMILY PORTRAITS: One of Richard's favorite activities! At the studio, your home or other location of your choice, Richard can work with you to create a wide selection of photographs both  casual and formal in a session that can take as little as an hour. After pictures are taken, they are available for preview on a 61" monitor. Prints are available in black and white, color or sepia tone or as digital files for use on the web. Balboa Park and Powerhouse Park at the beach in Del Mar are favorite spots!

    CHILDRENS PORTRAITS: Kids grow up fast. Catch those fleeting moments of growth and transition while you can! Richard specializes in portraying the unique personality traits of each child as they interact with family members and their world.

These subjects take patience and timing. Not too tough if you have the skills and take the time needed!

    BUSINESS PROTRAITS:  Choose from simple headshots or something more elaborate. Special rates for offices where more than one person will be photographed.

    EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY: Parties, Conventions, Award Presentations, Dinners, Public Relations Events - all can be documented quickly, unobtrusively and effectively. Once taken, they are available for release as prints, multi medial presentations  or as web content. When a special need arises, work can be turned around very quickly.

Nothing can sell your  product - or get you good financial backing like a professional photo.  Whether your product is big or small, we can get you the shots you need.

    ARCHITECTURAL AND REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY: In addition to being a source of pride, a good photo can help you promote, sell, lease or finance your property. Inside or out, Art Cam Photography can help you get the pictures you need.

    LEGAL PHOTOS: A skilled eye and clear thoughtful images can make your case.

Here and abroad, Richard has enjoyed photographing the beauty of dance - both modern and traditional. He also enjoy photographing theatrical, concert and stage photography.

    SAN DIEGO STOCK PHOTOS: Offering original images taken from the Mexican border to Oceanside and most places in between. Subjects include our beautiful coastline, Balboa Park, Anza Borrego Desert as well as the Gaslamp, Horton Plaza, Petco Park and the striking new architecture of downtown SD. If you need a specific picture, special requests will be entertained.

  While working on my ASIA ODDYSSEY series, Richard has spent nearly 2 years in Asia photographing on a daily basis. Literally thousands of exciting images of the great sites of Asia are available for use. While some of these have been published in books and magazines, the majority have not. Original images are available from places as diverse as Afghanistan, China, Tibet, Cambodia, Nepal, Viet Nam, Burma and India. In a very kind letter, the photo editor at LIFE magazine described my photo collection as a "majestic body of work."

Book publishers and private collectors can select from rare concert photos taken of the greatest musicians of our time including: Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, U2, Carlos Santana and many others. As an aspiring guitar player, Richard has felt honored to been close to, and in some cases interacted with the greatest musicians of our time.

    FASHION AND EDITORIAL: Over the years the work of Richard Nesdale has been used in numerous publications including The San Diego Union Tribune, Peterson's Photographic, Harcourt Brace and 944 magazine. Richard enjoys shooting fashion shows and working with models and actors in portfolio development.

    PHOTOS FOR THE WEB: Good photography is critical for those seeking to create an effective web page. Art Cam Photography by Richard S. Nesdale can create those pictures.

    A GOOGLE STORY: A few years back, Richard "Googled" himself and to his surprise, found that one of his images from India was in the  Ansel Adams collection at Arizona State University. He recalled that as a college student, he'd ridden his motorcycle down from UC Berkeley and spent a wonderful afternoon, one on one, with Ansel at his home in Carmel California. That day they spoke of music, environmental issues and of course photography.
    Just before sunset,  Richard presented Ansel with a cibachrome print he'd made of an elderly man in India. As you would expect, he was pleased and honored to learn that Ansel and his wife Virginia had made a gift of that print to the Ansel Adams archive at Arizona State University (ASU).

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